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Kindergarten Governance

Black Rock Pre-School (BRPS) is to be a community-based non-profit kindergarten, governed by a Committee of Management (COM) and managed on a daily basis by the Business & Compliance Manager, the Administration & Enrolments Officer and teh Educational Leader to ensure the continuity and stability of the kindergarten.

All components of kindergarten operation sit within BRPS and are managed within the regulations and supported by DET, ELAA and Bayside Council.

BRPS is a registered charity and is an incorporated association.

The Parent Committee provides an opportunity for parents and association members to contribute on-going viability and future direction of the kindergarten, through coordinating social events and fundraising activities. At BRPS, the Parent Committee comprises of up to 12 voluntary positions which are filled annually around November during our annual general meeting.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Provide governance and oversight to the kindergarten’s operations, including financial management
  • Hosting and promoting social activities for the wider kindergarten community
  • Undertaking fundraising activities to support the kindergarten program
  • Support the maintenance and upgrade of garden and grounds through coordinating working bees
  • Coordinating volunteers to support the extension of the Educational Program
  • Supporting the education and management team as required
  • Ensuring timely and accurate communication between families, educators and others in the kindergarten community
  • The Parent Committee also employs permanent and contract staff to manage the human resources, OHS, operational, administration and financial requirement of the kindergarten, to ensure it meets its regulatory requirements.

Current Committee

Position Name
Chairperson Co-opted from Committee
for each meeting
VP (3YO Rep) Hannah Farrelly
VP (4YO Rep) Vacant
Secretary Georgia Brandi
Purchasing Officer Catherine Schurmann
Communication Officer
Activities Officer
Lisa Ottorini
Red Group Representative
Rebecca Lowery
Yellow/Orange Group Representative
Kirsty Owen
Gardening & Maintenance Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator
Business & Compliance Manager Lisa Lovell
Educational Leader Gladys Amarnath
Administration & Enrolments Officer Lucia Holding