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Fees apply for both the three and four year old kindergarten sessions at our kindergarten.

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development provides per capita funding as a contribution towards the cost of operating the 4 year old kindergarten program (15 hours) and as of 2022, also the 3 year old program (5 hours).

Despite government funding for our 3 year old and 4 year old kindergarten places there is still a shortfall between what is received and the cost of operating our preschool which is why fees are necessary.

2021 Fees

The government’s Free Kindergarten in 2021 has provided substantial cost savings for families. Gap fees for the unfunded 3 year old program still apply, with an annual gap fee of $360. All other parent payments and levies in 2021 are voluntary, however, without the family contributions and fundraising, we would not be able to provide the unique educational program and the inspiring play areas for the children.

2022 Fees

3 year

Blue Dolphins Group

8.30am – 1.30pm
(5 hours)

$225 per term

3 year

Purple Starfish Group

8.30am – 4pm
(7.5 hours)

$380 per term

Currently Full – Contact us for more information

4 year

Red Rosellas Group

Monday and
8.30am – 4pm

$570 per term

4 year

Yellow Geckos Group

Tuesday and Friday
8.30am – 4pm

$570 per term

Fees are not applicable for Concession Card and Pension Card holders for the funded portion of the 3 and 4 year old program from 2022. The Enrolments Officer can provide further details when enrolling your child. Fees are collected at the start of each term. Once enrolled you will receive an invoice for the designated fee for your child/ren. Payment of fees is made directly to the pre-school.

Enrolment Fees

Black Rock Pre-School charges a $75 enrolment fee. This is a non-refundable annual fee.

Family Involvement

The education of children is a collaborative process, and families are active participants.


Throughout the year, families are invited to;

  • Join the Committee of Management or a sub-committee
  • Attend the AGM/ Information night
  • Participate in social events during, and outside of, kinder hours
  • Provide feedback and provide input to reviews of policies and procedures

Families are encouraged to talk to the teachers, share skills and interests at the kinder and share celebrations at the kinder.


Family help within the Educational Programs

BRPS encourages family involvement in all areas of the educational programs.

This could include;

  • Education session helpers
  • Excursions
  • Beach Kinder program
  • Housekeeping requests


Family help within the Educational Program is not considered part of the family involvement levy.

The BRPS family involvement levy of $200 is paid as part of Term 1 or first fee payment of the year, and is required to be paid by every family, including concession and pension card holders. It is refunded once a family member has completed and has authorised attendance at two (2) events or tasks. These could include;

  • BRPS Fundraising Events – Bunning’s Sausage Sizzle or Cake Stall rostered help
  • Committee of Management (C.O.M) positions
  • Working bees – Maintenance days
  • Maintenance tasks as requested by C.O.M
  • Management of tasks at fundraising events

In most cases each event or task is expected to be 2-3hrs of support.

The BRPS COM is currently reviewing the levies for incoming families in 2022. Changes will be published in the relevant policies and on our website once approved by the COM.

Working bees are held on a Saturday or Sunday morning and run for approximately 3 hours. Only one person from each family is required to attend.